The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Cupcake!!

I cut the wrapper out of wrapping paper. I thought the cupcake looked a little under dressed and exposed up their on it's stand. ;)

So, it's not really the birthday of the actual cupcake, but for me it is. I have finally found a vanilla cake from scratch that is oh so yummy. I tried several, but could not get the texture and taste I wanted. So, after quite a few mess ups, I combined some recipes and Happy Birthday Cupcake!!!

I was really looking for a cake that was light and fluffy, like a box mix, but with a home baked taste. I think this one is as close as I want it to be. I know billions of people love cakes from a mix, but home-made cakes are so much easier to decorate with a firmer texture, and they last longer than a box cake. I have probably read every suggestion under the sun on substituting ingredients to make a more home-made tasting box cake. Though substituting some ingredients made the cakes a little richer, they still tasted pretty much the same to me. These cakes are fine for every day, but when baking for celebrations, I want it to look and taste special.

I will be sending a dozen of these little cupcakes (ok, eleven) with the hubby tomorrow for his coworkers to taste.  I hope to get some good feedback from them, and if so, this will be my "official" cake. If not, I will be sad, but will keep on trying to find my "official" cake.

I found that someone liked them. Sneaky little hands helped themselves to some extras sitting on the cabinet.

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  1. I really appreciate all the feedback I received from my cupcake. This will definitely be my new basic cake recipe.

    Here is one review that I received:

    “It’s amazing how we recognize certain tastes and smells and immediately identify with an occasion. I had forgotten that you were sending some cupcakes to MPB for review and feedback and was surprised when Thomas showed up with one for me to enjoy. It’s exactly what I did. I was trying NOT to set myself up for anything and remembered you writing that you were looking for the perfect homemade recipe for birthday cake. The mere mention of that illicit a certain expectation in terms of taste and your cupcake delivered it perfectly! Wow…it was terrific. The cake was light and moist and had that perfect ‘sweetness’ to it without being heavy or too much. The icing was the perfect compliment! Thank you for allowing some of us to be your official kitchen testers. That was certainly a treat yesterday and added to enhancing my joy!”