The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The air conditioning miracle

This morning in Sunday school, we talked about the importance of keeping a journal of God's miracles, and our prayers. So, why not share them with others as well?

We have been without a/c for close to 2 weeks. With the house reaching a temp of over 90 degrees, it's been a little hard to deal with. Grass didn't get cut. Laundry didn't get done as quickly, and the house wasn't getting cleaned as well. It was just too hot. The week before the a/c died, we had to replace the water heater, so it made it a little difficult to fork out more cash right away. I have been praying about it, and today, God answered that prayer.

We have some really amazing friends who took charge and asked a repair man to just come take a look. Little did our friend know, that this man has felt a need to help someone. He offered to help others, but had not found anyone who needed him right then. Well, he found us today, and was able to not only fix our problem, but was able to fulfill God's request of him. My friend and I were talking, and she made the comment that people in general hold back others from sharing their gifts, and talents. We don't want to ask for help, or let anyone know that we even need help. However, it can be as much of a blessing to the giver, as the receiver. I felt a great deal of blessing today!

People tend to turn to God when they are hurt, or are in need of something big, but He is there for everything. He is our almighty father, and he wants to protect us, and provide for us.

Please be sure to share the miracles you have witnessed. They are testimonies of our God, and His power. The repair man, and our friends, not only offered help, they gave a testimony of their love, and faith.