The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bakugan skateboard cake

The wheels are straight on the cake even though the picture makes them look like they are turning.

I really enjoyed making this cake today. I actually started on it Monday. Not the baking part, GROSS!!! I hate it when I hear someone baking a cake and then freezing it for a few days. I want it FRESH!!! Sorry, no offense. 

Anyway, I made the wheels Monday out of gum-paste. They are technically edible, but not really. Gum-paste is more like clay. It can be molded into pretty much anything, and dries super hard, so it is pretty much impossible to bite into. It's also just nasty.

Tuesday, I made the Bakugan symbol out of royal icing. It takes a few days to dry super hard, and it's kind of like painting a sun-catcher, but I love this stuff (it's what they make candy buttons from).When mom used to make flowers for her cakes, she had to keep an eye out for little hands trying to sneak one away. I have the same problem with my kids, only they get plenty, since I break most of what I make. ;)

This morning, I put the babies down for a nap. The older children were busy baking cupcakes in their kitchen, so I had time to pop 2 cakes in the oven, and whip up some icing. It didn't take long for the girls to come in to help. But, this cake is for someone else, so sadly they couldn't help. They did enjoy giving me their opinions of color while I tinted the icing, though.

This cake is for a 7 year old's birthday, so it really made me feel good to get a "totally awesome" from my 6 year old.

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