The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The hubby's birthday!

Birthday Boy!

Saturday was Thomas' 35th birthday. He went camping with the cub scouts, so we celebrated Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Around here, it's more about the meaning or different way of giving a gift, than that actual gift itself. (Well, sometimes anyway). Since we were not buying gifts this year, I only sneaked in one small gift. Did I make it easy and just wrap in it some pretty paper and hand it to him to quickly open. HA! Absolutely not! He had to work for his gift.

I made him and the kids go outside while I hid clues around the house.

When he came in, a birthday gift bag was on the mantel. Inside, he found a card that said, "Happy 35th Birthday! This is not a gift, but turn it over for a clue." The clue sent him "swimming with the fishes". His first thought was the swimming pool, but quickly decided the fish aquarium was a little more practical.
First Clue

2nd Clue
He successfully found my cleverly submerged 1st clue that then sent him to a place where he can play scales, but not in the kitchen. The piano, of course!

3rd clue  
I think I was a little more excited than he was. The 3rd clue sent him to a "moon-sized space station". (For reputation sake...I had to look that up.) And yes, we have a huge Lego Death Star in the playroom.
Pink box of magnets...not it!


4th clue
This clue said, "I love you sew much, I don't even need electricity". And at the bottom of the card was an eye heart you! He didn't know how many clues there were, or that I had bought a gift. He thought the game was the gift. Very sweet, but I made him read it again. He is my genius, but I had to ask him how to spell the word "so". He then realized the game wasn't over. He was going to my sewing machine, when I asked him to read the line about needing electricity. Ah-ha! He headed to my antique sewing machine. Cheesy, I know!
The kids trying to help him figure out how to open the sewing machine.

There ya' go!

He got a Saint's DVD that he liked.

I should have included clues on how to actually open the sewing machine. He finally found his gift, that was wrapped, btw. I just hope he wasn't disappointed after all that work.

I would think that most men would be done after the first clue. But that's one of the many traits I love about this guy. He humors me. I hope to celebrate past the time of seeing his toothless smile on Willard Scott's Smucker's labels.

Other Birthday pics: