The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had such a wonderful family day today. A little shopping, eating, Christmas music, and playing. We topped the night off with gifts.  I think they watched the sky until it was completely dark so we could start opening. Thomas read "The Night Before Christmas", and then the paper shredding began.
Landon has been trying to get a candy cane off the tree all day.

Thomas reading "The Night Before Christmas"

Landon got the first gift

Lex doesn't have time to pose for a picture

Lana knew we wouldn't give her Cheerios

She loved her kitchen stuff

Logan is just a little excited

See!!! (You can see his tonsils) 

I had to post this round of pictures because he was so excited about the blanket and pillow I made him. So sweet!

Thomas and I got gifts too!

The kids picked out gifts and decorated bags for me.

Logan drew a picture of us holding hands on my bag. How cute is that?

Logan made sure daddy got toys.

Lana made sure daddy got candy.

Lex loved his tool set. Of course he tried to saw his leg off first.

Logan and Lana put Star Wars cookies out for Santa. (See Yoda. We will make more of these next week and add icing. They are really cute)

Goodbye Buddy! We will see you next year.

The stockings are hung

Oops! Those are not for Lex.         

 The kids have checked out NORAD to see that Santa is on his way here. They are tucked in bed and will hopefully fall asleep, even with a case of the giddies.  I wonder who will wake-up first. Them or us? Merry Christmas!

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