The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Christmas Gifts!

This year, I decided to make many of our Christmas gifts. I still have to take pictures of some, and a few more things to make. Of course, I will have to wait to post the gifts for the grown-ups until after Christmas.

I just hope everyone enjoys receiving their present as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Fun with colorful letters. We always had a difficult time finding things for the kids to do at restaurants, so I thought this would be neat. (It's also washable)

The felt mat folded up and ready to go in their bag. :)

Cafe apron

I just thought these were really cute. I love felt, because it's easy to work with, safer than wood, and cheap.

Cupcakes in a cupcake pan with removable icing.

A softie type elephant.

A soft little purse for a toddler.

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