The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So little time, so much to sew!

I have just started sewing in the last few months. I am learning as I go, but I am enjoying the process. I have made a few kid sized aprons,  a chef's hat, a crayon roll, felt food, a baby doll sling, and several "mess up" projects. It's quite time consuming, so I may get one thing done a day. I usually do my sewing while everyone is napping, or at least while the babies are napping. The older kids like to play a spy game while I sew, especially when I am making felt food. They search the computer for clues, then look to see what color of fabric or felt I am using. They are so funny sneaking around trying to get a glimpse at what I am working on. My 6 year old came up with the spy game during the summer, and it caught on quite well. For those times when the kids are not interested in spying on me, they like to get creative on their own. They color, paint, or play with play-dough. They do have most of the day for free play, but they enjoy doing their own projects, and I enjoy a little free time of my own.

Here is an apron I made to put on, hopefully.

I have also completed a baby doll sling to list. I will post a picture of that soon.

I am currently working on a bag of pretend groceries. I hope to get finished with that this week.
(I could have harvested a crop by the time I finish)


  1. I've done little girl dresses and hats. I also do curtains and alterations, but currently my sewing machine is acting up. I do "no sew" fleece blankets, which the kids love to help w/too. Mom quilts and I would like to do that, but don't have the space as of yet for a frame so I have to wait on that. I just started gardening though and I'm really enjoying that. How do you have the time to get so much accomplished with the kids running around? I end up w/ lots of pending projects w/my brood, lol.

  2. I pretty much have to complete a project from start to finish, or I will never finish. I try to decide how much time I have before I decide what I am doing. I may have a few things going on at a time so I have to work quickly. If we are playing outside, I try to find anything that I can do while we are out there. I like to refinish furniture, so that gives me plenty of time to sand and paint while we are out. The kids love to help me sand. I just moved my sewing stuff to a section in the playroom, so if we are in there, I sew. When the kids are in the living room, or at the dining table, I do laundry. I don't work on projects all day. I have plenty of time with the kids, but I am all about independent play, so that's when I have my independent play too.