The Broadus Crew!

The Broadus Crew!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning!!!

Sneak peak into the playroom redo! (curtain rod will be changed to black, in case you were worried)

Spring cleaning is in the air! In the Broadus home, that means something's getting painted. I have worked all weekend giving the playroom a much needed face lift. We haven't really done anything since we made the playroom, so I am really excited to be almost finished. The walls are painted, new curtains hung, and  a few new buckets to help with organizing. A surprising color has covered all the crayon marks (or the black spots where I attempted to remove the crayon marks) along with hand prints from children who apparently never wash their hands after making mud pies. I must say that going with a cheap brand of eggshell paint did not turn out so well. But now, we have oh so pretty semi-gloss and gloss walls. It looks like a completely different room. We still need to replace the space gobbling television and it's cabinet, as well as add some wall shelves. Once that's done, I will be bugging all of you with pictures. It may be tacky, who knows, but I think it's fun. So far, the kids love it! They have played out there more this evening than they have in a while.

I wish you all a great spring cleaning season, and I look forward to seeing your changes. I love room makeovers. :)

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